All your Polythene

Packaging requirements

from one supplier

Shrink 1st can supply all forms of Polythene Packaging, mostly from stock

Shrinkwrap Covers

Shrinkwrap Covers

These can be manufactured to customer specifications as perforated, on the reel or as singles.

With quality and consistency across the range, our aim is to give you the highest yields while minimising film thickness. Our expert consultancy cuts cost and wastage, leaving you to focus on getting your products to your customers.

A complete range of quality stretch wrap

We’re able to supply all standard widths of stretch wrap for hand, machine or spiral application. Our trained sales team will help you to select the optimum thickness for your needs and can advise on which products have the strength, tack and stretch characteristics you need.

Our stretch films can be supplied coloured or printed with your company logo. Recyclable cardboard cores are standard, with coreless rolls also available.

Contact us for free advice on stockholding now. It costs nothing to call, but could save you a fortune.

Polythene Tubing and Sheeting

Polythene Tubing and Sheeting

Our range of plastic film is sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure quality and consistency. Our trained sales team can advise you on the optimum thickness of polythene for your usage, saving you money and reducing wastage.

A complete range of quality plastic films:

  • Printed
  • Coloured
  • Plain
  • Shrink
  • Non-shrink

Customised to Suit Your Needs

  • Coloured
  • Bespoke Pallet Covers
  • Non-Fusion
  • UVI Inhibitors
  • PPE / PE

Polythene is our business and we’re able to supply all shapes and sizes of general purpose films and products suitable for all industries.

We can supply plain and printed films in a range of colours. Just get in touch with the team to discuss your specific requirements.

Contact us for free advice on stockholding now. It costs nothing to call, but could save you a fortune.

Low Density Polythene Film

Low Density Polythene Film

The film used is completely recyclable at minimum cost and it's manufacture and conversion is more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than cardboard or paper. Low Density Polythylene film can minimise the use of heavier materials used in packaging, thereby reducing your obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations.

Our high quality, consistent pallet wraps, stillage covers and liners will keep your products protected in transit or warehouse and industrial environments. Our high strength, durable polythene ensures that wastage is reduced to a minimum and enables lower thicknesses to be used, reducing your costs.

Our expert sales team is happy to advise on the right products for your needs, just get in touch for product recommendations or a quote.

Contact us for free advice on stockholding now. It costs nothing to call, but could save you a fortune.

Shrink gun

Shrink wrap

Shrink film

Sustainable Packaging – Environmentally Friendly

Polythene is a significant contributor to landfill and the production and transportation of polythene packaging has environmental impacts that have widespread implications. That’s why we’re focused on making our products as sustainable as possible, and in doing so we can cut your costs.